Welcome to Shurhold's "One Handle Does It All!" system. This system quickly and easily allows you to snap over 40 different accessories to the same fixed length or telescoping handles.

Step 1: Select the best handle for your application

Choose handle type

Fixed Length Handles

40-inch Fixed Length Handle

13-inch Fixed Length Handle

5 ft Fixed Length Handle

30-inch Fixed Length Handle

5 ft Fixed Length Handle with Finger Grip

30-inch Fixed Length Handle with Finger Grip

Fishing Series Handle

5 ft Fishing Series Handle

6 ft Telescoping Fishing Series Handle

9 ft Telescoping Fishing Series Handle

Telescoping Handles

9 ft Telescoping Handle

6 ft Telescoping Handle

Starting at:$8.98







Starting at:$59.98




Starting at:$29.98



Step 2: Add different attachments for every job around your boat


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