10 Inch Deck Brushes

SKU #980 Shurhold 10in Soft Yellow Deck Brush
SKU #980 Shurhold 10in Soft Yellow Deck Brush
SKU #990 Shurhold 10in Stiff White Deck Brush
SKU #985 Shurhold 10in Medium Yellow Deck Brush
SKU #975 Shurhold 10in Extra Soft Blue Deck Brush

The biggest brush for the biggest jobs! Built to Shurhold's famous quality standards, these 10 inch (25 cm) deck brushes come in four textures and are compatible with any Shurhold handle.

Shurhold's series of 10 inch (25 cm) deck brushes that easily and positively lock into any Shurhold handle. Each brush is based out of a solid wood block and has a rubber wrap around bumper to prevent marking the surface. 

 Available in three textures:

  • Stiff- (Item# 990) white polypropylene bristles for teak, below the water line and other tough surfaces
  • Medium- (Item# 985) yellow polystyrene bristles for textured and non-skid surfaces
  • Soft- (Item# 980 yellow polystyrene bristles with split end fibers, safe on gelcoat, clear coat, fiberglass and paint
  • Extra Soft- (Item# 975) blue nylon bristles made especially for delicate surfaces


**Handles sold separately. 


Customer Reviews

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Great brush

I use this at least once a week on my boat, great brush that will stand the test of time

What's in a few more inches!?!

These products by ShurHold, (9' handle with matching Handle Mate PFD AND a 10" Medium deck brush), were recommended by both boat owners docked on both sides of our boat. All 3 boats are over 40 feet and it usually takes around 2 hours plus to do a weekly wash.
LOVE it. the Handle is well balanced, fits great in my hands, and with the addition of the foam grips, I'm told should it fall in the water, it will remain floating. I have not tested that theory. : )
I have been using a 6" deck brush last year, (came with the boat), replacing it with an additional 4" seems to work much better with less scrubbing.
I give this product and the ShurHold staff 5 stars. Including for their service and follow up. Keep up the good work.

Best deck brush ever!

I recently purchased a Shurhold deck brush and I’m mad at myself for waiting so long to do so. Nothing compares!!!!

The best

Best deck brush on the market

10 Inch Deck Brushes

Bought to be able to wash RV, does a fantastic job. Will use on truck & car as well

10 Inch Deck Brushes
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