Shurhold System

Best Boat Cleaning Products

Welcome to Shurhold's "One Handle Does It All!" system. This system quickly and easily allows you to snap over 40 different accessories to the same fixed length or telescoping handles.  Shurhold understands that space is limited on your boat and storage is a premium. That is why these boat detailing products are designed to save you time, money and space.  One handle on your boat can quickly snap to several different boat cleaning brushes, deck mops, or great boating attachments like a boat hook or paddle. There are now over 20 different Boat Cleaning Attachments in the Shurhold system.  In addition to boat cleaning products, the system accommodates common boat supplies like fishing nets, paddles, boat hooks and more. 


Boat Cleaning Supplies, Kits, & Brushes

  • 7 different Brushes to clean your Boat
  • Boat hook for easy docking of your vessel
  • Squeegees to dry hull surfaces and windows
  • Boat Scrubbers to attack your waterline
  • Even an attachment to screw into a paint roller and much more...


To begin, just select the best handle for your application, then add all the different attachments for every job around your Boat.