Magic Wool Hand Pad

SKU #281 Shurhold Bronze Wool Hand Pad
SKU #281 Shurhold Bronze Wool Hand Pad
Three of SKU #281 Shurhold Bronze Wool Hand Pad

This ultra fine hand scrub pad is designed to remove water spots from glass. An excellent replacement for steel wool as the fibers won't leave rust stains in salty environments.

Magic Wool Hand Pads are great for restoring, maintaining & finishing all wood, metal & glass surfaces.

• Clean britework and teakwood on all marine crafts
• Remove rust & oxidation without scratching
• Polish all chrome, stainless, copper & brass surfaces
• Polish and clean glass surfaces & solar panels
• Remove 'Hard Water' stains
• Strip paint & smooth raised wood surfaces

This custom blended pad is made from a high grade bronze metallic wool.  Similar to a steel wool but ultra fine and RUST Resistant.  This Magic Wool hand pad along with Shurhold's Buff Magic is the perfect combination for removing water spots from glass.

3 Pads to a Pack

*Always test for expected results in a small, inconspicuous area, prior to beginning.

Made in USA. 

Always test for expected results in a small, inconspicuous area prior to beginning. Apply Buff Magic to the surface and gently work it in with the Magic Wool Hand Pad by moving the wool in small, tight circles. Work until the Buff Magic has turned into a haze, then buff dry with a clean cloth. You can also reference the video in the articles section.


Customer Reviews

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Tim Lane
Magic Wool

Works great at removing the spots on my windshield. Highly recommend this product.

Cleaned my boat windshield

I cleaned the spots off my boat windshield with the glass spot remover and the bronze pad. It hadn’t been cleaned except for soap and water in 15 years. I t took all the spots off . Never been so clean. Only product that actually worked.

william phelps
great glass polish tool

used the wool pad with the buff magic works great

Jason Wynn
Works great

Great product and fast shipping

Robert Toppi
Water spot removal

Unfortunately the product did not remove the water spots from my boats windshield. I followed the video instructions exactly, repeated the process 5 times in total without any progress. So don't get your Hope's up too high that this is the solution you've been hoping for. Many variables might be at play when using this to remove hard water spots off glass. Possibly the length of time the spots are on the glass might have been a reason why it was not a successful removal tool.

Magic Wool Hand Pad

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Removing Hard Water Spots from Glass