Bucket Base

SKU #240 Shurhold Bucket Base
SKU #240 Shurhold Bucket Base
SKU #240 Shurhold Bucket Base on Bucket with Handle inside
SKU #240 Shurhold Bucket Base with Bucket

The Bucket Base is a sturdy non-skid / non-marking ring that is designed to minimize sliding, toppling, and damage that can occur from pails sliding around Boats and RV's.  We all use 5-gallon pails whether we are fishing, diving, carrying tools, or cleaning.  The Bucket Base will stop problems before they happen.  

• Stops buckets from sliding on deck

• Prevents scratches in fiberglass and teak

• Buckets will not fall over with brushes in them

• U.V. Resistant and Durable

• Fits Most 5 gallon & 3.5-gallon pails with a base diameter of 10.25-10.5 inches.


*** Bucket not included.

Push bucket bottom firmly all the way into base. Fits most bucket with 10.25 to 10.5 inch base.


Customer Reviews

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Whats up with the mounting tabs?

Slightly confused. Yes, this works great. If I put my 5 gallon bucket into this, it will not tip or slide. Exactly what I wanted. However, I'm confused by the 3 mounting tabs on the bottom. It looks like I can screw from the bucket into the tabs (top down) 1) I will now have 3 holes in my bucket that will no longer hold water and 2) there are now 3 screws with the pointy ends close enough to scratch up the deck of my boat. The other option is to screw from tabs to the bucket (bottom up). Again, I have holes in my bucket. Additionally, by having the sharp screws pointing into my bucket, anything in the bucket will get damaged. Am I missing a better option? There were no instructions, and yes, as a man, I probably would have thrown them away then searched the trash for them later. For now my bucket is not mounted.

Hi there, thank you for your feedback on our Bucket Base. We apologize for any confusion regarding the mounting tabs. Those tabs not for screwing to the bucket. The bucket is meant to press fit into the ring and friction holds it in place. The tabs exist to put the advertising hang card in the middle of the ring when you see this product hanging at retail. Although we have seen some cases where customers have screwed the tabs down into a dock or deck making a permanent spot where the bucket goes and snap the bucket in and out of the ring.

Blake T.
Great product!

I've been looking everywhere for a solution to my bucket problem. I use 2, 5 gal. buckets full of sand to add weight in the back of my 5X8 utility trailer when it's empty. Bungee cords didn't work as well as I'd like,but these are great! No tipping and no sliding. Problem solved! Thanks Shurhold!

Great Quality. Good brand.

Exactly as described a bucket system with bucket base,case,caddy,grate, and lid/seat. Sturdy rope handle and rubber base are welcome additions.

Julie P
No Slid

Love it! My bucket does not slide anymore. Such a simple product that works wonderful. You don’t think you need it until you got one.
How did I ever live without it!

Bucket base

It says the bucket base floats??? It sinks all the way to the bottom of the river! And very quickly.

Bucket Base

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