Pro Polish Pad

SKU #3152 Shurhold Pro Polish Pad
SKU #3152 Shurhold Pro Polish Pad

Easily apply wax and polish with this soft, black foam pad. Designed for use with Pro Polish and the Shurhold Dual Action Polisher, it attaches directly to the hook & loop backing plate.

Pro Polish Pad is a black foam polishing and waxing pad, 6 1/2 inches in diameter. A unique dimpled pattern helps the pad stay cool and work more efficiently. This pad was designed for Shurhold's Dual Action Polisher and Pro Polish Wax. (2 pads per pack.)

For use with the original Dual Action Polisher. Not compatible with the PRO or Rotary machine.



Attach the Pro Polish pad to the Dual Action Polisher. Apply a 3-inch diameter circle of Pro Polish directly to the pad and place the machine against the surface before turning it on. This pad should be washed after each use with Serious Pad Cleaner or soap and lukewarm water.


Customer Reviews

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Jim Mauro
Pro Polish Pad

Worked well. Very happy

Ralph Ford
Pro Pad

Pro Pad

Completely satisfied.

bill T
works great

If you haven't watched the video on waxing/polishing your boat correctly, DO IT. I had been using way to much product on the pad and loading it up terribly, much less using a lot of product. Now the pads perform great. I can polish my entire boat with two pads, one inside and one outside. I've cleaned these pads numerous times and they still work. Even have one that no longer has dimples! Get these, Use'em and keep them clean, you want be disappointed

Bob A
Final GelCoat Polish

Applying a marine polish with this pad gave me a very desirable outcome. It is very gentle on dark colored GelCoat as evidenced by the minimal amount, just a slight hue, of color transfer onto the pad.

John J Linsey
Great Polish Pad

Have used Pro Polish for years on my boat and use this pad to apply. It works well and cleans easily. I can typically get 6 uses out of it.

Pro Polish Pad

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