Pro Polish Wax

SKU #YBP-0202 Shurhold Pro Polish 16oz
SKU #YBP-0202 Shurhold Pro Polish 16oz
SKU #YBP-0202 Shurhold Pro Polish 1 gallon

Protect your boat, car, or RV with Pro Polish! This advanced polymer wax offers superior protection and performance over traditional waxes without the use of talc powder. Safe on fiberglass, paint, metal, and more!

Pro Polish is scientifically formulated to protect your Car, RV, Yacht, Boat, Motorcycle or Personal Watercraft from the harsh effects of the sun, saltwater, and environmental fallout.  Pro Polish Repels water and provides a deep high gloss shine, while protecting your surface from the harsh effects of the sun with UV inhibitors.

Better than an old fashioned wax, Pro Polish is a polymer based formula with cosmetic grade ingredients and contains no fillers or talc.  It goes on quicker and easier while protecting your finish against sun, salt, acid rain, and other harsh environmental elements.

Pro Polish will protect your:

  • Fiberglass
  • Gelcoat
  • Clear Coat
  • Aluminum

NOTE:  When buffing out Pro Polish there will be no major mass of white powder as you work off the product.  This white powder that you may be used to from other products is Talc and is used as a filler.  Pro Polish will produce virtually no waste as you work with the product.  This will allow you to apply and buff out the product in less time with less effort.  Enjoy a new way to protect! Pro Polish.


Pro Polish Value: Save 40 percent per ounce when you purchase 1 gallon vs 16 ounces:

  • 16 ounces = $1.44/oz
  • 1 gallon = $0.86/oz



Click here to download SDS 

Shake well before use. For best results, only apply to a clean, dry surface.

Apply a small amount with a clean microfiber cloth or Dual Action Polisher. Apply one section at a time allowing to dry.
Hand buff to shine with another clean microfiber or use Brite Bonnet Final Finish Pad along with the Dual Action Polisher. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 245 reviews
Bruce Robinson

a little goes a long way anxious to see how it holds up though the winter

longtime happy user of pro polish

Since I discovered pro polish I have only used it for my rv, car and truck. (I may use something else to remove oxidation or heavy staining followed by pro polish) This product is easy to apply and lasts a long time. I apply to my rv approximately once a year and it looks great. By the way it is a 1996 model and resides outside year round . No white residue around edges and other projections due to lack of fillers is an added bonus. I look forward to my continued use of pro polish into the future.

Ray Cloud
Clear Vinyl

I have clear vinyl curtains on a 10’ x 20’ screened in porch. It had turned very cloudy looking with age. Had the company they installed it clean it , ($375.00) but it clouded back up in no time. So I took my dual action buffer with a black pad and Pro Polish and it turned out absolutely wonderful.

Dave Mellis
It's the only thing I'll use!

I have tried numerous other products and this product is the best. Brings up a great shine and protects.

Robert Carducci

this product really works

Pro Polish Wax

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