Combo Deck Brush Soft & Medium

SKU #965 Shurhold 6 inch Red Combo Deck Brush
SKU #965 Shurhold 6 inch Red Combo Deck Brush
SKU #965 Shurhold 6 inch Red Combo Deck Brush

6”(15 cm) Soft/Medium Combo Brush

When you scrub harder, it scrubs harder.

Built to Shurhold's famous quality standards right here in the United States, these 6 inch (15 cm) deck brushes easily and positively lock into any Shurhold handle. Each brush is carved out of a solid wood block and has a rubber wrap around bumper to prevent marking the surface.

The Combo Brush features red polystyrene bristles with split end fibers, making it safe for use on gelcoat, clear coat, fiberglass and paint. The shorter medium yellow polystyrene bristles work well for textured and non-skid surfaces in the center. Clean your entire boat, car, or RV with just one brush!

**Handles sold separately. 


Customer Reviews

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William Akers
Combo Brush

This is a must have Brush. It is narrow enough to fit all the way down my Gunnels! Soft enough to not damage the wax, but when you have a tough spot, push down a little harder and the stiff brushes come in contact. Excellent Product.

Nicholas Bobilin
Best in the world

They hold up on everything I us them for

James Clynes
Great design Brush!

Washed my 44 foot boat yesterday and this brush worked on isinglass as well as scrubbing bird droppings by pressing down firmly. Two brushes in one. Get it!

Robert Nieves
Excellent brush

Although it’s winter right now I haven’t had a chance to use my brush. I bought this because my neighbor has one and I keep borrowing it lol now I have my own

Scott D
A must have brush

The interchangeability of the Shurhold system is outstanding!

Combo Deck Brush Soft & Medium

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