The 7 Most Harmful Household Cleaners used on Cars

Shurhold's Top Seven Car Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Every vehicle owner takes pride in their prized possession, but often, the wrong cleaning products can do more harm than good. Shurhold, a leading name in vehicle care, highlights seven common mistakes to sidestep, ensuring that your vehicle stays in prime condition.

#1 – Dish Soap Dangers: Many believe dish soap is a gentle cleanser, but it can wreak havoc on your vehicle. It can strip the wax, affecting the car's protective coating and shine. Moreover, it might degrade the waterproofing on fabrics. Alarmingly, certain chemicals in dish soaps even pose environmental threats. Instead, opt for Shurhold’s specially formulated Brite Wash, safe for all vehicle surfaces and eco-friendly.

#2 – Window Cleaning Woes: Think all windows are glass? Think again. Many vehicles incorporate plastic windows, and using ammonia-based cleaners like Windex can cause these to yellow and crack. Stick to ammonia-free cleaners like Serious Shine to keep them pristine.

#3 – The Paper Towel Problem: They might seem soft, but paper towels can be abrasive on delicate surfaces, leading to unsightly scratches. They also disintegrate easily and can be wasteful and costly over time. A microfiber cloth is a better choice.

#4 – Streamlined Storage: Every square inch of storage is valuable. While many companies promote a separate product for every possible need, it's wiser (and more economical) to use Shurhold's versatile yet compact line of detailing chemicals. 

#5 – Avoiding Harsh Household Cleaners: Products like Soft Scrub may be effective in the household but can be brutal on your vehicle. Fiberglass, clear coat, and gel coat surfaces are especially vulnerable. Also, bleach-based products can discolor fabrics and weaken them. Choose a gentler alternative like Shurhold’s Serious Multi-Purpose Cleaner for difficult to remove stains.

#6 – The Pledge Pitfall: While Pledge might give your wood furniture a delightful shine, it’s harmful to clear vinyl materials, like those found on touchscreens and gauges. The solvents in Pledge can draw out plasticizers, making these materials brittle and yellow. Instead, considering using Serious Shine to clean, polish, and protect without the risk of damaging these surfaces over time.

#7 – The Importance of Regular Care: Environmental pollutants, like bird droppings and tree sap, can erode your vehicle’s finish if not addressed promptly. Regular maintenance isn’t just about keeping your car looking good; it's about preserving its value. Try to wash your vehicle once every two weeks if possible to help keep it in top shape. 

At Shurhold, we're not just about providing superior cleaning products; we're committed to educating vehicle owners about best practices. As the minds behind the innovative 'One Handle Does It All' system, we manufacture specialized care items and accessories to ensure your vehicle always looks its best.