How to Prep an RV for Storage

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Preparing an RV for long-term storage may seem overwhelming. But, with Shurhold Industries’ step-by-step guide, owners can cover all the bases, so the rig remains in top shape and is ready to go next season.

To prevent foul smells, all things that mold or mildew should be discarded. Owners should also get rid of all food and liquids, emptying the refrigerator. For better airflow, cushions can be removed or propped up. Storage hatches can be left open, too. Once this is accomplished, the entire RV should be cleaned and vacuumed with dehumidifier bags placed throughout the cabins.

Cleaning the drains and the sump prior to storage is absolutely crucial to keep odors and bacteria from becoming a problem. The RV can absorb the odors and mildew that grow in moist, dark environments and they will spread throughout. Owners can clean with Shurhold’s Serious Multi-Purpose Cleaner (SMC).

Then, Shurhold’s Moldaway can be used to clean the drains in sinks and showers. Only one scoop into each with a cup of water is needed. After letting it work for a few minutes, owners can rinse it out.

Moldaway cleans and deodorizes drains without harming the piping. It also helps clean the sump container by oxygenating the sump water, killing mold/mildew spores and other bacteria, safely and without bleach.

Depending on where an RV is stored, the yard may suggest flushing antifreeze through the system.

The cleaner carpets and canvas surfaces are, the better they will look when taken out of storage. Before sealing up the RV, owners should vacuum and shampoo the carpet with SMC, and let it dry. This will reduce the likelihood of any bacteria growing there. If possible, cockpit carpet should be cleared out or at least rolled up and stored in a cabin.

It is best to remove canvas and store it in a dry environment. Then, owners can clean it in the spring with Moldaway or Brite Wash.

A clean bottom and drive gear are also very important. The undercarriage should be washed with a pressure washer and/or plain water with a soft-to-medium brush. Soaps and detergents are generally not used. Wax is also a good idea.

Lastly, all mechanical, electronic and other systems should be readied for a long storage nap. Owner’s manuals must be consulted on these crucial tasks because it can affect the warranty.

Shurhold’s SMC and Brite Wash cost $11.98 each, while Moldaway is $12.98.

Shurhold is dedicated to educating owners on RV value preservation. Inventor of the One Handle Does It All system, Shurhold manufactures specialty care items and accessories to clean, polish and detail.