New Line of Hand-Held Tools are Great for Hard-to-Reach Areas

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The hard-to-reach areas on a boat can be somewhat difficult to clean and maintain. Shurhold solves that problem with the introduction of its new line of Hand-Held Tools. From long-handled brushes to an easy-grip sponge and comfortable-wearing mitts, Shurhold designed its products with detail in mind.

Shurhold’s Dip and Scrub brushes, available with extra long 20″ or compact handles, make the wash-down process much easier and faster. The Scrub Brush has a soft handle and safety bumper, while the Utility Brush includes a unique spot scrubber on the handle. Perfect for detailing teak, Shurhold’s Detailing Brush has medium stiffness for removal of grease and grime.

With a die-cast zinc nozzle body and a soft, black vinyl grip, Shurhold’s Hose Nozzle is durable and will tackle any job. It includes a hold open clip and stainless steel spring. The extra large Super Sponge features an easy-to-hold design that makes washing faster. Shurhold’s Bug and Tar Remover sponge has a non-abrasive mesh cover that removes bugs, stains, tar, grit, and grime.

The Microfiber Towel set includes a super soft towel to polish and shine, an extra strong towel to wash and clean, and a lint-free towel to wipe glass or mirrors. Shurhold’s PVA Towel measures 17″ x 27″ and absorbs 50% more than a natural chamois. The Wash Mitt made from soft, absorbent fibers and the Deluxe Wash Mitt made of genuine lamb’s wool can be used on wet or dry surfaces, and provide a comfortable fit for hard-to-reach areas.