Next Generation Experiences a Day at Shurhold

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As part of Shurhold’s desire to give back to its community and share experiences with the younger generation, the company sponsored a field trip for a local first grade class.  Thirty-five students visited for two hours and learned about four major parts of Shurhold’s operation.

“It’s very important for children to understand and experience the world around them.  We’re very proud that Shurhold is part of making that happen,” said Shurhold president Barry Berhoff.  “We had a great time teaching the kids about our business and know they enjoyed it just as much as we did.”

The students had a chance to create a magazine ad to understand marketing and advertising practices.  They also learned about teamwork on a production line creating brushes.

For warehouse education, students had a pallet stacking race and tried out using computers and machines to organize products and parts.  To learn about shipping, each child used a wireless handheld scanner to pick, pack, weigh and ship a sales order.