Shurhold Makes All Other Buckets Obsolete

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Once in a while, someone does reinvent the wheel. That's what Shurhold did to the five-gallon plastic pail. Made in the USA, its Deluxe One Bucket System makes all others obsolete. Extraordinarily multipurpose, it completely transforms RV cleaning and supply storage.

The foundation of the Deluxe One Bucket System is Shurhold's World's Best Rope Handle Bucket. Stronger and more robust than the average pail, it features a 3/4" double-braid nylon handle that's easy to carry, can't rust and won't scratch paint, fiberglass or vinyl graphics. A removable Bucket Base prevents sliding and tipping over, even after repeated dunks from a heavy, long-handled brush.

The real innovation of the Deluxe One Bucket System is what's inside. The Bucket Grate is an inventive removable insert that sits on the bottom of the bucket. As a brush or mop is scrubbed against it, dirt and debris fall through the grate, ensuring clean wash water. Two molded-in 3 oz. wells enable precise soap and solution proportioning.

Sitting on top of the Bucket Grate is the removable handled Bucket Caddy. It's the perfect place to store bottles and small cleaning tools, keeping everything organized and within easy reach. A perforated bottom allows water to drain away.

Finally, the Bucket Lid/Padded Seat combo not only helps keep 
everything inside the bucket, but makes a comfortable stool. It snaps onto the bucket and is so strong, it can be stood upon.

The Shurhold Deluxe One Bucket System is available in white or black and costs $59.98. A video is at

Shurhold is dedicated to educating owners on RV value preservation. Inventor of the One Handle Does It All system, Shurhold manufactures specialty care items and accessories to clean, polish and detail.

Contact Shurhold, 3119 SW 42nd Ave., Palm City, FL 34990. 800-962-6241; Fax: 772-286-9620.