SKU #134 Shurhold Dock-A-Reni
SKU #134 Shurhold Dock-A-Reni being used to hold a dock line in the shape of a loop
SKU #134 Shurhold Dock-A-Reni diagram showing function with boat hook

Make docking a breeze with this handy tool! The Dock-A-Reni is an attachment that, when combined with the Boat Hook, will create and hold a loop in your dock line to easily slide over a piling. Especially helpful when traveling with the boat.

The Dock-A-Reni is a dock line holding tool that attaches to any boat pole and allows you to tie your boat up with ease. Just simply clip one end of the rope into the Dock-A-Reni and the rest of the loop over the end of your boat hook and you are ready to go. Check out the videos tab for a great demo.

1. Secure Dock-A-Reni tightly to a boat pole with the Velcro strap about 18 inches from the boat hook. 
2. Make a loop with the dock line on the boat hook and secure either end of the loop under the Dock-A-Reni
3. Place the loop over the piling or cleat and release the loop by pulling back the boat pole and excess dock line. Secure your boat, and you're good to go!


Customer Reviews

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Paul Freiwald
I saved $240

I was looking for a boat hook set up to put lines around pilings. High quality ones were $250. Since I already have two Shurhold multi-purpose hooks I checked to see if they offered an attachment that would do the same thing. The Remi works perfectly and cost $10. It's actually more adaptable to make different size loops than the $250 hook I originally looked at.

Great little gadget

I paired this with the 9’ Shurhold handle and boat hook because docking at a crowded local restaurant can be difficult. Throwing a loop over a piling from 8’ out could not have been easier. Another boater asked me how I had done that since he had to wait a half-hour for a slip to open. He ordered a system while we talked!

Robert Nieves
Cool device

This attaches to your handle. When docking this makes handling your dock line a snap very cool piece


We love it when coming into a new marina... It's a bit clumsy to get started because we don't use it very often, but once i have the loop just right, it's awesome. We store it in the nav station... We don't recommend just leaving it on the boat hook as the the wrap does degrade with sun and salt air (what doesn't?). I usually lasso lines around a piling, but that takes a longer line. With this, you can just put a loop in the line with bowlin or a splice, and then hold it wide and place over the piling. Sweet. I was even able to double a line using it, wrapping it around the piling and back to boat to make easier leaving the next day. One size larger for heavier lines would be great, but this is perfect size for almost every line at use.

David Garbarino
Great item needs additional sizes

This is a super handy item for putting a line over a piling. However , thee needs to be a larger size to accommodate 5/8ths and larger lines.


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