World's Best Rope Handle Bucket

SKU #2452 Shurhold Black 5 gallon Bucket
SKU #2452 Shurhold Black 5 gallon Bucket
SKU #2432 Shurhold Black 3.5 gallon Bucket
SKU #2451 Shurhold white 5 gallon Bucket
SKU #2431 Shurhold white 3.5 gallon Bucket

Forget about rusty metal handles! An innovative rope handle design does not pierce the bucket cavity, which means no leaks or hardware to fail. Because weight is distributed across the base of the rope, it won't tear the lip under heavy loads. The tough, heavily molded plastic is designed to last. The Best Bucket you'll ever own!

These make an excellent:

  • Boat Bucket
  • RV Bucket
  • Car Wash Bucket
  • Storage Bucket
  • Trash Bucket
  • Fishing Bucket


3.5 gallon bucket - 10.75" H x 12" W

5 gallon bucket - 14.75" H x 12" W


Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews

As promised.

Tim Lane
Best Rope Handle Bucket

I have been using this bucket for years and both another one because the quality is so good. Highly recommend.

tomas mcn
Not worlds greatest bucket.

Sold as world’s greatest. They obviously have not tried Yeti. The yeti is far superior. Cost a few bucks more but with it. This bucket is better than a Home Depot but not by much.

Mike Whisney
Could be better

Bucket is awesome for softball teams that are using buckets all year long. However wish they were bigger like 7 or 8 and had option for a good quality cushion list.

Robert Cartwright
Worth every Penny

These buckets are quality made and long lasting.
This is my second purchase as I also have the smaller size that works great around the house. The handle is far more comfortable for carrying heavy items. It fits your hand perfectly.

World's Best Rope Handle Bucket

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