Cleaning Non Skid Surfaces

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Cleaning your non skid is one of the toughest detailing dilemmas you will deal with when working on your boat. It’s notoriously hard to clean due to its mechanical adhesiveness and will trap sediment quickly. Dirty non skid can make otherwise beautiful boats look dingy and unkempt, so regular maintenance is essential.

To properly clean your non skid, you’ll need the right brush. The Medium Deck Brush is ideal for cleaning rough surfaces as the bristles will get into the tight, hard to reach areas of the non skid. Start with a high quality boat soap like our Brite Wash. It will lift and trap dirt to be rinsed away without stripping your wax. Make sure to follow the instructions for mixing on the bottle, or use our Bucket Grate to measure the perfect amount.  Scrub directionally along the channels of the non skid, making sure the fibers follow the grooves. By doing so, you insure no part of the deck will be left untouched.

For tougher stains, you can use our SMC. It’s an aggressive cleaner that will remove tough stains without the  damaging effects of bleach. Be aware, this product will strip your wax, so make sure to reapply to any areas treated with SMC. Combine with our Medium Deck Brush for best results.

There you have it, another Clean-N-Simple tip from Shurhold Industries.