Testing and Compounding a Dark Colored Hull

Today, we are tackling the challenge of removing stubborn water spots from the black hull of Blackjack bay boat, a common problem faced by many boaters. The key to our approach is the use of a 'test spot', which provides an insight into how effective your detailing steps are actually going to be.

In this case Barry and Sam use Shurhold's Buff Magic, a potent compound, along with the precision of our Dual Action Polisher and Pro Rotary Polisher to tackle the water spots. These professional-grade tools were critical to the process and the results when used correctly.

The 'test spot' is a critical step in our detailing process. It's our way of ensuring that our chosen method delivers the results we want before we apply it to the whole boat. While we chose a very visible spot for this demonstration, we recommend you select a less conspicuous area when conducting your own test. This way, if something unexpected happens, the overall appearance of your boat remains intact.

Discover how we tackled the water spots in the video, and observe how we arrived at the decision to move forward with this method for the entire project. It's important to note that every boat is unique, and therefore what works best for us may not be the optimal solution for your vessel. This is why perfecting your detailing process via testing is so crucial.

As always, our Pro Polish product is the final touch in our process, providing a protective layer against future water spots and leaving the hull with a stunning, professional-grade shine. So next time you're faced with water spots or other detailing challenges, remember Shurhold's range of products and expert advice are here to help keep your boat, car, truck, or RV Clean-N-Simple!"