Special Cleaner and Towels Make Metals Sparkle

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There’s no need for a boatload of cleaners and polishers to restore and protect a variety of boat surfaces. While an excellent fiberglass reconditioner, Yacht Brite Buff Magic from Shurhold Industries is also an ideal metal polish for stainless steel and brass. It restores them to their original high-gloss finish and helps keep a boat looking new.

Left unprotected, metal surfaces become dull, tarnished and corroded. Buff Magic, applied with Shurhold’s Microfiber Towels, safely removes oxidation, scratches and dirt in one easy step, without damaging the finish. The Towel set includes an extra-strong towel to wash and clean, a super-soft towel to polish and shine, and a lint-free towel to wipe glass or mirrors. They measure 17″ x 17″.

Buff Magic is a nonabrasive cream polish containing jewelers rouge—originally formulated to buff precious metals—to bring out maximum luster and a mirror-like finish. This versatile product also makes quick work of cleaning and polishing glass, plastic and Plexiglas. It won the 2003 National Marine Manufacturers Association’s Innovation Award.