Put the Kids to Work with a Deluxe Car Wash!

Stuck at home during the quarantine? Are the kids bored and driving you crazy? Well, why don't you have them wash the car? The Shurhold system will let anyone, regardless of experience, achieve a professional shine on their car, truck, or SUV. We will break down the process step by step and show you how to make your ride shine!

NOTE: This article will not cover Buffing / Compounding. If you believe your car needs to be Compounded, click here.

What you need:

  • Brite Wash
  • Shurhold Soft Brush & Handle
  • Deluxe Wash Mitt
  • Angled Adapter
  • The One Bucket System
  • PVA or Chamois Towel
  • SMC
  • Serious Shine
  • Clean Microfiber Towels


Don’t skimp on quality products. The Soft Brush and Microfiber Towels are important because of how gentle they are on both paint and glass, leaving no scratches behind. This keeps the paint looking rich and deep for longer. Avoid terry cloths or beach towels, as they will put fine grooves in the clear coat. That damages the surface prematurely and produces a hazy appearance.


First, rinse your car to get all the loose grime and dirt off. Large debris like leaves and twigs can dig into the paint when you scrub, so pick them off by hand. Fill your bucket with water and add 3oz of Brite Wash for every two gallons of water. Too much soap will leave spots and be very hard to rinse off. Activate the suds by blasting the water with the hose. You’re ready to scrub!

Dip the brush in the suds and start washing the roof, working your way down. Be thorough and hit every inch of your car. Clean the wheels last, as they are usually the dirtiest area.

Next you will want to focus on the wheels. Use SMC and spray onto the rim, calipers, and any other exposed metals that would typically shine. It’s a stronger chemical and will break down road grime, brake dust, and other nasty stuff better than Brite Wash or Serious Shine. You can also use SMC on your tires if you feel they need to be cleaned, but for daily drivers this may be overkill.

Next, rinse off the suds and soap. Any soap left behind will form small spots, so once again start at the roof and work your way down. Your car is now ready to be dried.

Take your PVA Towel or Chamois and dry the vehicle. Work quickly, don’t let the water dry naturally. This will leave water spots, which are small mineral deposits left on the cars surface. Don’t worry if your cars glass has some streaks from the drying, we will cover that in the next step.


The devil is in the details, and this is definitely true for car care. Now that your car is fresh and free of dirt, you can focus on the little things that make it pop. Start with the glass and any chrome on your car. Grab your Serious Shine and a microfiber cloth. Your goal is to remove any streaks or smudges on these bright surfaces. Spray the Serious Shine onto the surface you want to detail, and wipe thoroughly with the cloth. A dry cloth will work better, so change cloths frequently as needed.

And there you have it! Another Clean-N-Simple tip from Shurhold!