Make Your Grill Shine Like New!

Shurhold has 30 Projects to keep you busy while you are stuck at home. Today, we're going to polish the grill and make it shine like new again! Fortunately, you can do this project using many of the same tools you use to keep your boat looking its best.

If your grill or outdoor cookware is developing light rust staining, you're not alone. It turns out exposing stainless steel to damp conditions is almost a guarantee to tarnish the finish over time. However, this staining is usually very light and can be removed using a few tools you already own.

You'll need a Dual Action Polisher, some Buff Magic, one of our Magic Wool Polishing Pads, and some SMC to clean everything up with. Start with the Buff Magic and apply it in a thin coat over the area you're going to be working in. This can be done with an inexpensive chip brush or similar tool. Once the Buff Magic has been applied, attach your Magic Wool Pad to the Dual Action Polisher and set the speed setting to 3. Using light pressure, begin to work the Buff Magic into surface using a cross hatch pattern. That means going up and down, then side to side, overlapping as you go.

Once the Buff Magic has been broken down and the staining removed, grab your Serious Multipurpose Cleaner and a few clean rags. Spray the grill down with the SMC and remove any excess Buff Magic with the towels. There you have it! A clean and shiny grill so you can cook in style. Until next time, we're here to help keep your home Clean-N-Simple!