Ready to Clean your Pool? Grab a Shurhold Handle!

If it's time to clean the pool, reach for a Shurhold Handle! Why store another long handle around the house when you can use the One-Handle-That-Does-It-All? 

A great place to start would be our nine foot telescopic handle, which is long enough for most in-ground pools and light enough to be used without serious effort.

The next step in the system would be our Swivel Pad Base. It rotates to whatever position you need and accepts a number of attachments, including our Scrubbing Pads. These durable pads are perfect for cleaning built up grime off the walls of your pool.  We offer three different stiffness, with the white being the most gentle. For more course surfaces, you could consider upgrading the stiffness of the pad.

From there, just use the pad to scrub the pool clean. There should be no need to add any soap or cleaners, besides what's normally used to balance the pools pH levels. There you have it, another Clean-N-Simple tip!