Learn more about the Water Sprite Deck Mop!

John Greviskis and Ship Shape TV stopped by once again, this time to talk with Capt. Sam about our brand new Water Sprite Deck Mops!

Drying the boat is the most important thing you can do after a wash to eliminate water spots and maintain a beautiful, blemish-free finish for years to come. There are a few ways to do it, but nothing beats the incredible woven PVA material we call Water Sprite. For years, our customers have used the Deluxe Water Sprite Mop designed to snap into our One Handle that does it all to dry their boats. Now, we are proud to offer another option to our customers. That same high-quality mop is now available on a premium bamboo handle. 

The Deluxe Water Sprite Deck Mop boasts the same absorbing abilities as our snap fit mop, but fixed to a flexible, light, and strong bamboo handle finished with a high build enamel paint. There are two major benefits to this design. One, this mop will naturally float, ensuring easy retrieval should it find its way overboard. Two, the wooden handle won't scratch any sensitive surfaces found on the boat. The only drawback is storage, as these wooden handles do not collapse like our famous aluminum handles. However, if there is room on board, this dedicated drying mop is an excellent option to keep your boat water spot free! 

Until next time, Shurhold is here to keep your boat Clean-N-Simple!