The New Deluxe Water Sprite Hand Towel!

Today, Ship Shape TV's John Greviskis stopped by to see Shurhold's Barry Berhoff and discuss the brand new Deluxe Water Sprite Hand Towel! 

Drying the boat is a critical part of the washing process. Unless you mop up or dry the water left over, the mineral deposits found in the water will be left behind. Those deposits create water spots that can become permanent over time. Instead of using paper towels, cotton, or even microfibers, most choose a reliable chamois product to soak up the water. With that said, even the best natural chamois products have their limitations. That's where Shurhold's new Deluxe Water Sprite Towel comes in.

Our new hand towel is made with the same woven PVA material our Deluxe Water Sprite Mop is made out of. That means it's over 50% more absorbent than a natural chamois product and is virtually immune to mold or mildew growth. The material is also designed to resist linting after heavy use, meaning you'll get years of service out of this handy product. 

Our largest hand shammy to date, the Water Sprite Towel measures an incredible 5 square feet. That means it has plenty of drying power and absorbing capabilities. Grab yours today and start drying like a professional!

Shurhold is here to help keep your boat, car, truck, or RV Clean-N-Simple!