Clean Your Dirty Dock Lines with Shurhold!

Today's job for our 30 Projects in 30 Days Series heads back to the boat! Are your dock lines looking dirty? Do they leave a muddy mess every time you tie up? Give them a quick scrub and make those lines look brand new using a few simple tools and chemicals!

The key to this job lies in a repurposed chemical, Serious Pad Cleaner. It's usually used to lift dirt, oils, and dead gelcoat from a buffing pad. Fortunately, it can have the same effect on your dirty dock lines! Simply make a solution of Serious Pad Cleaner, which is one scoop of powder using the built in measuring cup for each gallon of water. After mixing, throw your dirty dock lines into this mixture and let them soak for around 20 minutes.

After soaking, you'll need to grab another tool. Our Rope & Cord Brush will make scrubbing the rope clean an absolute cinch. The tool will lock in place around the diameter of rope your cleaning, so there's no need to worry about what size line you're working with. Once the dirt has been removed, simply rinse the dock line with fresh water and hang it to air dry.

There you have it! Another Clean-N-Simple Tip from Shurhold!