Restore your Pots and Pans to like new Condition!

For the next installment of 30 Projects in 30 days, Shurhold's turning inside the kitchen to clean your dingy metal cookware. Remove burn marks and make old pots shine like new using our rubbing compound, Buff Magic!

This process will work on any stainless or solid metal cookware that you have. Be careful, as you don't want to compound any cast iron or non-stick surfaces. They are not designed to be abraded and will be damaged by any compound you use.

The process is very straightforward. You'll need our Magic Wool Hand Pads, some Buff Magic, and a few clean Microfiber Towels. Simply apply a little Buff Magic to the surface of the pot and use the Magic Wool to abrade the surface. Work the pad in tight, circular motions for the best results. Keep going until the Buff Magic has completely broken down, at which point it will look like an oily residue on the surface.

From there, simply remove the excess and buff to a final shine using a clean microfiber towel. If any residue remains, feel free to wash the dish with a little kitchen soap, as the degreaser will help remove any extra residue. And there you have it, clean and shiny cookware that looks just as good as the day it was purchased. Until next time, we are here to help keep your home Clean-N-Simple!